Goodnight Solar.

May 25, 2009

Its been a long time coming… so it should be no shock to the universe that SOLAR as a community space and cafe is not happening. I have been telling people that the economy is not supporting that adventure at this time… which sounds nice and all but the reality is that visions change and grow. And in business sometimes you have to compromise in order to make it happen which is something I am not willing to do.

The face of Five Points is changing. It is a “historically” black neighborhood, yet the future is uncertain…. and we have been the last man standing in a gentrified neighborhood before. Tis not the place to be.

It has been a learning experience that opened some doors (mentally & economically) and had some others close (mentally & economically) I have had some very good lessons in business, perception, intention, acceptance, loyalty, confrontation and how to measure success.

What I feel like I’m walking away with today is… that what makes I (Faatma) most fulfilled is within and the measure of success that I have been working toward is not by my own ruler. I love all those who lent me their glasses so that I could see what was in front of me and lent me their mirrors so I could see myself.

As always… this is not the end… but we are putting this project to rest.

Community work still happens in the EastSide and as our community grows so do we.

Thanks for your support & Love!


White House Garden

March 25, 2009

Peace to all the peas and pods of the universe.  quick update

1) I (faatma) and currently taking the Master Community Gardener Training with Denver Urban Gardens and am really excited about the possibility of a community garden space/collective in NE ParkHill… more info to come on that soon

2) whats happening with Solar?  well…thats a long conversation and you know it… but just so you know we are exploring the idea of Solar being owned by the community… more on that to come soon… altho you can call me if you wanna talk now.  7202123026

3) I’m excited that folks are gardening this year.  Michelle Obama is planting a garden at the White House and the following is a statement released by Denver Urban Gardens in response to that… I enjoy it… you should too…

Love your Guts!


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Denver Urban Gardens Helps Local Residents Answer Obama Family Call to Connect Through Community Gardens

(Denver) March 23, 2009 – As the Obama family breaks ground for their new vegetable garden on the south lawn of the White house, Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) urges local residents to partake in community gardening as a means of promoting health and strengthening community ties.

Founded in 1985, DUG operates and assists with the creation and management of more than 80 metro-area community gardens. Through these gardens, participants are empowered with responsibility of bettering their community, initiating a sense of pride in their surroundings and improving their nutritional status through healthy, fresh food.

In a White House interview this month with The New York Times, Mrs. Obama said of her new garden, “Its most important role will be to educate children about healthful, locally grown fruit and vegetables at a time when obesity and diabetes have become a national concern.”

As Denver’s flagship urban agriculture organization, DUG helps more than 25,000 people annually through education programs, providing nutritious food, and fostering neighborhood collaboration.

Participants in DUG’s community gardens throughout the Denver metro-area will produce more than 200 tons of healthy, homegrown fruits and vegetables for not only themselves, but local food banks, shelters and others in need this year,” said Michael Buchenau, DUG executive director.

Mrs. Obama also emphasized the important role played by the nation’s many community gardens in giving city dwellers the opportunity to grow their own fresh food and make connections with their neighbors.

As metro-area residents have intensified their efforts to address both the economic crisis and the obesity epidemic, many have turned to DUG for help. In response, DUG has worked side-by-side with them to coordinate and build 20 new community gardens in the past two years, and has more than 10 new garden projects on the horizon for completion in 2009.

A community garden is a remarkable place of refuge, as well as an oasis where neighbors with diverse cultural backgrounds can gather to work and grow together,” said Buchenau. “For so many, engaging in a community garden has become a very real and lasting way to respond to the serious challenges in their lives.”

For more information about how you can get involved with Denver Urban Gardens, please visit


here we are…

January 14, 2009

Peace & Happy New Year Family!!

Oh the journey through 2008 was a wild and carazy on wasn’t it?

I been hermit-ing and am quite good at it so please pardon my absence and please don’t take it personal because I love u and u really can call me anytime to tell me what to do.

So lets start with today first and then we can walk backwards and forwards.

I (Faatma) sat on a really lovely panel hosted by the folks at Transition Denver called “Eat Here Now: Growing Food in Denver”.  It was brilliant.  The Mercury Cafe was packed … I mean packed to the hilt and overflowing even with folks who are ready to grow and buy and sell food in Denver.

I’m an avid gardener of sorts and aspire to be a farmer but am not yet an “expert” so I wondered for a while why I was sitting on the panel.  And it became clear after a while that our community does in fact acknowledge that we need places to eat our food together.  We need businesses to advocate for local farmers and to buy local produce to create what? Local Economy.

So yeah… it was really good.  Shout out (I know I know) to Mickki Langston who I swear can hear my thoughts and/or inserts brilliant thoughts into my head every time I see her…and to Patrick Harrington… cus he’s fly and everyone else who is down to get dirty to make things grow.

So… a few things we are doing…

Supper Clubs Y’all!

for more info about what a supper club is…visit our website or call me (720.212.3026) and I’ll tell you…you can host these super fun house partays at your crib or a friends crib and throw down $25 per person in support of the build up (yes up) of SOLAR.  This is FUN way to support local business, eat good and party with people u love.

We are having an open to the public Supper Club at Solar on January 23rd to kick of the Food Justice Discussion Group.    For folks who are wanting to know more about the growing food movements in our city and how we can brainstorm and work together to make change.  Donations of $25 are what we ask and  we’ll watch the movie “How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” and we’ll eat food made by yours truly.  We DO need you to RSVP via email to or you can call me to confirm that you’ll b there.

We love you and all the ways you support us family!

So… over the past months we have been steadfast in working every avenue we can to receive capital to build and grow our community space and its been challenging and there has been continued personal growth as well as our connection to the people and space it self.

We will make this happen together y’all.  This is a community space and any way you see fit to donate your dollars, time, resources, information is welcome and appreciated.

I’ll keep you all posted on upcoming projects, parties, and food fun!

Love ur Guts


October 24, 2008

the WaterMill


October 22, 2008

SO in line with our recent work… check out this article I found on sustainablog called… will work for food (security   and stay tuned for SOLAR updates.

tap water is cool…

October 21, 2008


Building “WE”

October 15, 2008

Dear U n I verse –

Its been rough times to vision a way to utilize a monetary economy for solar. Many times I have asked myself if its worth it to keep pushin’ forward on a project that seems to be challenged by the status quo in various ways. We’ve been unsuccessful in our efforts to secure funding by traditional avenues, which is frustrating but telling, because it speaks to our mission challenging the norm.

I try to listen to you universe and receive messages from daily that we do this work to leave a legacy of longevity, sustainability and good health in body, mind, soul and business practices for our children and their children and I think we all know this... and the thing that has been standing out in the message as of late is “we”, not me.

How do we create a “business model” for “we”. Well simply put, we invite “we” to create it and sustain this project we call SOLAR.

We think a good lesson to take home from this “economic crisis” is that it reminds us that there is always a solution in collective effort for local economy. The answers seem so simple and also so untapped. We want for our community to flourish and so we should tend its gardens (metaphorically as well as physically).

We’ve been tryna hustle for Solar, and realized most recently that hustlin’ don’t work because what were doin isn’t a hustle. So the messages were receiving now from friends, family and cohorts in business is to present the idea to ALL to participate. We’d like to create a Fundraising Committee to spearhead the effort to get Solar’s doors open. Lets do this! Please contact Faatma @ 720-212-3026 to join the forces of SOLAR! (like voltron!)